The tough part is trying to remember

By Ray Conner
Sports Editor

This writer has put a lot of years in the sports and should be able to answer most of the trivia questions that are being put forth. But, alas that is definitely not the case. I must give the participating coaches a thumbs up for coming up with tough ones.

Of course after the answer is revealed I’m sure many of you smack your forehead and say, “I knew that.”

In this writers case that is a forgone conclusion when the answer comes forth.

Well this week the questions are scattered once again from baseball to basketball and even a couple of points from the pages of the Kern Valley Sun.

But first the answer to last week’s questions:

The question was…Only three Kern Valley baseball teams have won 20 or more games in a season. What were the three years?
The answer is 1998 (22-4), 2001 (20-5), and 2012 (21-5).

Wrestling: Who are the only two Broncs to compete in the state wrestling tournament?
Answer-Glenn Eastes and Jacob Lightner.

Basketball: Since 2000 who are the only two boys basketball players to score 1,000 career varsity points?
Answer-Dalton Gallis and Zach Bushling.

Track: Who are the athletes that hold the most school records?
Answer-With three apiece, Mike Smith (400, 880, and the two mile), Sheila Stair (100, 220, and 440).

Softball: Which recent graduate is Kern Valley’s all-time home run leader with 24?
Answer-Sadi Hartman

General trivia:
What league did Kern Valley play in before the HDL? And who were the main rivals?
Answer-DIL (Desert Inyo League), Bishop and Tehachapi.

KV Sun:
Who were the first four winners of the first Burger King Athlete of the Week Award in the Sept. 21, 1988 issue?
Sandy Creighton-tennis, Kelley Wyly-cheerleading, Shonda Spear-volleyball, and Mark Forkner-football.

Well it’s our hope that was enough trivia for one week. Now on to a whole new set of trivia questions and odd sports facts.

The new questions for the week are:

Baseball: Since 1992, only three Kern Valley pitchers have collected over 250 career strikeouts. Who are they?

Basketball is up next. Since the 1999-2000 schoolyear, there have been four Kern Valley players named the Most Valuable Player of the High Desert League. Name them?

Another one from basketball: What freshman made the game-winning basket in his first game on the varsity team? Hint it was at Rosamond.

Once again the sports editor decided to get in on the act as he came up with a trivia question. This is a two-part question.

What was the name of the award he came up with for the November 25, 1998 issue of the Kern Valley Sun? And who was the first award winner?

Now for some more odd sports that have made many people go huh. This writer can attest to that he did say huh or wow when finding these gems.

  1. The state sport of Alabama is figure skating.
  2. A race car with a wood-burning engine finished third in the 1927 Indianapolis 500.
  3. The grass at Wimbledon was kept two inches long until 1949 when an English player was bitten by a snake.

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