The Reel Cinemaniac: Blade

By Josh Simpkins

Everyone seems to point to Iron Man being the film that changed the superhero film landscape. Iron Man was a break though film in every sense of the word, largely thanks to director Jon Faverau and star Robert Downey Jr. However, even president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige knows that the true pathfinder and way-paver was the 1998 Action-Horror Masterpiece Blade, starring Westley Snipes as the Daywalking vampire slayer. In recent years, Marvel has been re-acquisitioning the right to characters that they sold off before opening Marvel Studios, such as Spider-Man (co-owned with Sony), Daredevil, Punisher, Ghostrider, and Blade.

Now, a few rumors and much speculation regarding Marvel’s Blade have made their way into the headlines recently. Westley Snipes has voiced his desire to return to the character. Kate Beckinsale made an offhand comment that Marvel was doing something with the character when asked if there would ever be a Blade/Underworld crossover. Even Anthony Mackie, the actor who plays Falcon in the MCU wishes to don the signature shades. The question is: when will the MCU include the vampire hybrid? Well, after the Marvel Legends toy line released their set of figures for The Defenders series, including Elektra, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Punisher, Bullseye, and Blade, the inclusion of the vampire hunter has fans speculating that Marvel’s Blade would be joining Netflix’s sect of the Marvel universe.

Since Daredevil is a pivotal character in that universe, the upcoming release of The Defenders presents the perfect opportunity to introduce Bullseye, with the possibility of future villainy in Daredevil season 3, seeing as how the two are quite familiar with one another in the comics. Not only that, but Jason Statham was reportedly asked to play Bullseye in an unidentified project, so this would make Bullseye quite a high-profile character. Still, the more intriguing addition to the recently released Marvel Legends line is Blade.

Inquiring fans would like to know the who, when and where of Blade’s return. If they aren’t going to use him in a Spider-Man film (*cough* Morbius, the Living Vampire *cough*), my vote would be to give him his own series on Netflix. Netflix has done marvelous things with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Punisher, therefore, in my opinion, it is the perfect venue to bring the Daywalker back into action. I for one cannot wait to see how Marvel uses Blade in the future.

Joshua Simpkins, affectionately known as “Big” Josh to his friends and family, has resided in the scenic KRV for most of his life. He is an alumnus of Kern Valley High School Class of 1997 and graduated with honors from Cerro Coso Community College Lake Isabella Campus in 2009. Josh is a devoted husband, loving father, and extremely proud grandpa. Not to mention his great love of the cinema is apparent in his film critiques.