The Legend is back

Press Release
Derby Committee

It’s been said that legends never die…and next year, for the 2018 Lake Isabella Fishing Derby, we are proud to officially announce that Mr. Ten Grand himself is coming back home. The Legend returns! The Kern River Valley Chamber of Commerce has been putting on a spectacular trout tournament every spring for decades now, and this is our 29th year. For many of those years, the ultimate prize fish was the elusive Mr. Ten Grand. He was caught more than once, in fact. The chance at catching the fish of a lifetime in one of the largest public fishing tournaments in the state of California brought thousands of fishermen up to the Kern Valley to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, family fun and great camping. But then, for reasons unknown, Mr. Ten Grand was gone…disappeared. Some say he was taken by the aliens often seen in the evening skies. Others say the Sasquatch that swim the lake shore in winter took him home with them. Still others say it was Izzy the Lake Monster; we all know she has got a taste for trout, after all. No matter where Mr. Ten Grand ended up going, this year, he is coming home!

That’s right, its official. As of today, the 29th Annual 2018 Lake Isabella Fishing Derby will be featuring many prizes and drawings as always, including Mr. Ten Grand himself! The rumor is that he is currently being held in the basement of Fred Roach, the tournament committee chairman, under tight security. He is in charge of the genetic enhancements necessary to train Mr. Ten Grand to smell Red Eggs and Power Bait from miles away along with teaching him advanced Kung Fu techniques and the ability to jump and dive deeper than any mere “normal” Rainbow Trout. By the time Fred, along with his team of scientists, is done with him, Mr. Ten Grand will be an unstoppable force of nature that any fisherman will be proud to ply the waters for in search of ultimate glory!

This fishing tournament is all about one thing: size. The longest fish take the big money prizes, and the Chamber, along with the Department of Fish and Wildlife, pumps Isabella Lake full of big Rainbows up to over 12 pounds in size. In fact, just last year, we had a new Lake Record Rainbow Trout caught at 13.8 pounds. These big baddies are brought in from Nebraska to supplement the native population of Kern River and Coleman Strain Rainbow Trout we have here that spawn naturally. There is nothing like being on the troll and hooking up into one of those big “Nebraska Tailwalkers,” as they are called. They fight hard and are great eating, and each of them are big, and a few of them will make you a LOT of money if you catch one! The Chamber puts in 5,000 pounds of these fish right before tournament time along with many other stocked fish and fish that are raised and fed locally by volunteers at Red’s Marina. This is going to be a great year to come fish the tournament and enjoy the valley! Keep watching for further announcements and check out our Facebook page and Tournament and Chamber websites for more info, and we will see you on March 26-28, 2018, up here in the Kern River Valley!

Prize Payout:
-$5,000 for longest trout (w/t-shirt $10,000)
-$2,000 for second longest
-$1,500 for third longest
-$1,000 for fourth longest
-$500 for fifth longest
-$250 for sixth longest
Blind Bogey Contest
– 10 $100 prizes for Saturday
– 10 $100 prizes for Sunday
– 10 $100 prizes for Monday
Estimated 30 Bobber Bowl prizes of $100 to $300