The first day of school!

We loved everyone’s submissions for the first day of school! To see more excited students on their first day all around the Kern River Valley, visit

McKayla and Sequoia Bachman 6th Grade & Kindergarten – Wallace

Kelly Simpson Ireland and Lizzy Bailey 4th Grade & 2nd Grade – Wallace

Aiden Blevins Preschool

Cristian Martinez 8th Grade – South Fork

Joshua Wesala 9th Grade – KVHS

Kennedy, 14; Jeffrey, 13; Elijah, 10; Danyell, 10; Emil, 7 KVHS & Wallace

Fernanda and Karla Lozano 3rd & 6th Grade – Kernville & Wallace

Cooper Pettijohn South Fork Preschool

Haily Martinez 10th Grade – KVHS

Ward Hafenfeld Kindergarten- South Fork

Charlotte and Gus Hafenfeld 4rd & 5th Grade- South Fork

Alexis Hernandez – Sophomore at KVHS

Dakota Love Kindergarten – Wallace

Jadyn Miller 9th grade

Avalee and Morgane. Wallace. 1st grade

Ezra Zachary Wallace preschool 2018

Duke DelGaudio – First day at Kern Valley High School

Lillie Ward – 3rd grade at Kernville Elementary

williamjacket - August 31, 2018

First day of school is one of the most memorable day in our life. First day of school is the beginning of our life. Well Thanks for sharing.

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