The elusive 300 game no more

By Ray Conner
Sports Editor

For the bowlers at Mt. Mesa Lanes, the perfect game has been the exception.

That is until recently when three men have accomplished that goal.

Putting a string of 12 strikes in a row together has been the goal of every bowler when they take up the sport.

Since Gabby Mayfiled has owned the lanes, it has not happened in sanctioned league play. There were numerous ones thrown in tournaments held at the lanes, but for the many league bowlers at Mt. Mesa Lanes there have been many close calls, but never the completion of one.

The first local bowler to accomplish the feat was Jim Burrows. He rolled his 300 game in the Monday Night Men’s League. According to Burrows he has thrown more than one in his bowling life.

Then three weeks later, it was Jerry Sietsma’s turn. He also did it on the lanes in the Monday Night Men’s League. The 300 game by Sietsma was the first in his long and storied bowling career.

Then two days later in the Wednesday Night League Jordan Clements had his turn at perfection where the youth was served. Clements is a 22-year old bowler, and it also marked his first time driving the lanes for a 300.

According to mathematicians, the odds of any adult male bowling a 300 game are 11,500 to one. The odds of a professional bowler rolling one is 460-1.