Students return to classrooms this week

Monday morning parents bring their children back to school

By D. Beasley

Students in Kernville Union School District will begin returning to classrooms this week.

“The District applied and was granted a waiver to reopen our elementary schools effective Oct. 5,” the school district said on its website. “Our goal is to bring back all of our students as soon and as safely as possible.”

Students will return to the classroom in phases; starting with transitional kindergarten, kindergarten and first grade this week; second and third grades on Oct. 19 and fourth and fifth grades Nov. 2.

The exact date has not yet been determined for middle-school students, grades six through eight.

“We will be sending my kindergarten-age grandchild back this week and possibly my fifth grader in November,” Jeanne Olson told the Kern Valley News in a Facebook post.

Distance learning has improved since its early days last spring when COVID-19 hit, Olson wrote.

“However, unless the parents or guardians are teachers or fully understand every lesson (including the new math), our children are not learning as well as they could,” she said. “In my opinion, there are no substitutions for trained and educated teachers! Bottom line, I am sending (them) back, even though I’m afraid of them bringing COVID to me. Praying for a vaccine and approved treatment!“

Parent Kim Nelson plans to send her fourth-grader back to school Nov. 2.

“He wishes he could go back sooner!” she posted.

Trina Sunday Vannoy expressed a similar opinion.

“I can’t wait to send my children to school,” she posted. “I am no elementary teacher and five-minute reading sessions on a chromebook are no substitute for class. They need to be social as well. My poor kids are losing their minds. I just hope the school stays open longer than two weeks.”

But Melissa Edno called the reopening a “slap in the face” to school staff.

“You honestly think groups of kids will obey the same rules they would as if they are standing next to you in a store?” she asked.

Mallory Clawson said her child won’t be going back for in-person instruction.

“My fifth-grader is doing so well in distance learning, I will not be sending him back!” she posted. “He is getting the individualized attention he needs! He has gone from being a ‘C’ student to an ‘A’ student!”

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