‘Stay alive, hire a guide’

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High water is here. The California Department of Water Resources data as of April 2 is reporting the Sierra Nevada snowpack is a whopping 162 percent of average.

In an effort to increase awareness, safety, and enjoyment on the Kern River this spring, Mountain & River Adventures has just released a free educational video warning the public to choose equipment and professional guides to stay safe and maximize their enjoyment while experiencing this year’s high water on the Kern River.

This year’s rivers will be running fast, high, and exciting this spring. Professional outfitters are recommending people slow down and choose wisely when deciding on how, when, and where to jump on the river. “We have created an educational video this year for both the media and the general public to understand the difference between ‘pool toys’ and ‘professional rafts’ along with the importance of choosing professionals to minimize the public’s risks and maximize their enjoyment of experiencing a river during high water,” says Stallone. “This is not a time to stay home – but it is a time to raft with professionals.”

Private trips are led by individuals that do not need specialized permits, credentials, or certificated equipment to run rivers in California. Professional outfitters meet extensive government criteria and are issued permits to meet safety and equipment requirements, extensive training in river running and safety rescue skills for high water, along with years of proven experience.

“Outfitters are well practiced to maximize the fun for our guests while managing the adventure’s risks with good decision making and hard core training that is needed to both navigate and enjoy the high water this spring,” continued Stallone.

“What you want in this high water year is experience – years of experience,” says Stallone. “Here are some top questions to ask an outfitter when shopping for a trip this season.”
1. Have your guides participated in a guide school obtained CPR/first aide certifications?
2. How long has the company been in business?
3. Please describe the method you use to decide whether or not a customer is ready for high water.
4. Please describe the personal safety equipment and customer training you provide while on your trips?

Mountain & River Adventures mission is to help create a world in balance with itself. Through pure fun and challenging experiences on public lands people become more aware and connected – to themselves, each other, and nature. Mountain & River Adventures believes that when our businesses and communities respect and care for our natural places, the environment will sustains us for generations to come.


Rhonda Stallone - May 14, 2019

Thanks for the coverage!

Here is the link to the educational video you reference in this article. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LswtKZAzcE4

Rhonda Stallone - May 14, 2019

Thanks for helping us educate the recreating public. You guys totally get this! Pool toys are no match for the mighty Kern River.

Here is the link to the educational video you reference in this article. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LswtKZAzcE4

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