St. Jude honors academic achievers

St. Jude

St. Jude Catholic Church in Wofford Heights proudly recognizes the academic success of its young parishioners. Kern Valley High School (KVHS) graduating seniors are: Jon (JJ) Forbes, Hannah Kulsicavage, and Jorge Lopez.

During Mass on Sunday, April 14, the St. Jude Parish Guild and the Knights of Columbus each presented both Hannah Kulsicavage and Jorge Lopez with scholarship checks of $500. Kulsicavage will be furthering her education at the College of Southern Idaho with the goal of majoring in Early Childhood Development in order to follow her dream as a pre-school teacher. Jorge will be heading to Vanguard University to pursue a major in Sociology with plans for a career as a high school interventionist. After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree, Jorge hopes to return to the valley and work with students at KVHS.

Photo submitted by St. Jude Catholic Church:
Hannah Kulsicavage accepts one of her scholarship checks from Angelo Halamandaris.

Photo submitted by St. Jude Catholic Church:
Jorge Lopez holds one of his scholarship checks.

On Sunday, May 5, during Mass, Juan Carlos Lopez, a current junior at Kern Valley High School, was applauded for his recognition as a California State Foreign Language Student of the Year. This award was given to him by the partnership of the Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE) and (CLTA) California Language Teachers Association. Included with this award was a scholarship to spend four weeks in Tokyo, Japan, absorbing the culture, learning basic language, and experiencing new friendships. St. Jude Parish and Parish Guild presented Juan Carlos with a total of $800.00 to help with travel and incidental expenses. The Knights of Columbus had previously presented Juan Carlos with a $500 donation for travel assistance.

Photo submitted by St. Jude Catholic Church:
Juan Carlos Lopez receives his gift for travel assistance.

St. Jude Parish wishes all of our students a wonderful and safe summer and continued success in their studies.