South Fork students learn local trade skills

Photos submitted by Summer Campbell
On Friday, May 25, Kelso Creek Maintenance owners Michael Jones and Kenneth Hutchison hosted South Fork Middle School’s sixth grade career exploration class. This local grass roots company shared with students the various different career opportunities in the field of home maintenance. Students learned about a variety of different trades including electrical mechanics, plumbing, irrigation, general construction, weed abatement, tree servicing, landscaping, bookkeeping, designing and business management. The nine local employees at Kelso Creek Maintenance shared with students the safety protocols they must maintain along with the variety of heavy equipment and specialized tools they use to service the homes and yards of the Kern River Valley. The Kelso Creek Maintenance family shared their personal stories of how they grew up in the valley and are grateful to work in a career field that not only feeds their passion but gives back to the community. Sixth grade students were engaged in each of the six career centers, observing operation of heavy equipment, tree stump removal and a variety of other skills. Students were able to inquire about the knowledge and qualifications needed to become part of the Kelso Creek team. Students left with a wealth of knowledge and a new appreciation for the hard work associated with business ownership and the labor required to improve and maintain the homes in our valley.