South Fork Graduation

By Julie Giyer
Kern Valley Sun

South Fork Middle School held their eight-grade graduation on Wednesday, May 27 at 10 a.m. The front yard of the school was decorated with signs of the student’s names, as well as your typical podium, loudspeaker, teachers, and diplomas.

The school also had a gift bag and baked goods for them. The cars of the graduates waited in the parking lot. Vice Principal and eight grade teacher Annette Thomey stood at the podium and announced each student’s name. One by one, students and their families came out of their cars. The student stepped up and accepted their diploma and then received their gifts and the name signs.

There was a lot of support coming from the waiting cars in the parking lot, with yells and noise makers, each student felt the love of their school and classmates. This was definitely one of the shortest graduations ever attended, given the circumstances. It was well put together by the staff of South Fork.

Principal Kim Kissack was proud to be able to hold the ceremony to honor the hard work and dedication these students put in all year long. Kissack assured that school will resume as normal in August. The staff looks forward to getting back in the classroom and educating once again.