Skate Park update!

By Jake Lee Green
Kern Valley Sun

The community has been asking questions about the skate park fundraising efforts and so far it has been a little quiet. However, just recently the Kern River Skate Park Committee released wonderful news about the cash raised in the last few months and in total. The committee itself is comprised of volunteers and local businesses who offer up space for jars meant to collect a little bit here and there. In total $67,079.30 has been raised. Mt. View Baptist Church and the Exchange Club have raised a total of $2,000 in pledges between the two clubs. In addition, $22,750 in donations of services and materials from local businesses as of the date of the posting which was September 5. Part of that funding is a Community Development Block Grant totaling $110,000 which has been approved for the project, but has yet to be funded. This is exciting news considering it means the original fundraising goal has been exceeded and the ability to hone in the parks design will be possible.

Although the grant has been approved, Kern County officials must meet certain criteria to take those steps in getting the project funded. It is said that there is a 53 foot wide regulatory flood zone that may have an impact on the proposed park site. The county must step in and draw its zone lines as to where this flood way may be. When all is said and done with those steps the bidding will open on who will build, design, and fabricate for the park. Although, it is also mentioned that local skateboarders and other interested parties will have their say in the designs specifications.
As a lot of us in the valley may know, all projects of this magnitude take patience. It’s safe to say that all interested persons who have invested their time into this project are anxious to see it get underway, but, want to ensure the safety of riders and visitors alike with respect to the whole community.

For more information you can visit the committees Facebook under Kern River Skate Park. The committee encourages the community to donate to the local funding jars that can be found placed around the Lake Isabella and Kern River. Nearly every major hub in the area carries a jar and direct check donations can be made to California Recreation Foundation and mailed to 2809 Irwin Avenue, Lake Isabella, CA 93240. So feel free to drive, walk, kick, and push your way around the area and donate.