Sinking Deep in the Cove of Paradise

Photos by Daniel Riley

By Daniel Riley
Kern Valley Sun

On Wednesday, June 17, 2020, around eleven o’clock, two touring campers, one from L.A. and the other from unknown whereabouts, drove their campers to Paradise Cove and decided to park on the beach.

The forty-foot Recreational Vehicle driven from L.A. that parked only twenty feet from the water began to sink on the passenger side as the family was starting to set up a beach spot for the day. As a reaction in an attempt to not let the RV sink, the father of the family jumped into the driver seat and attempted to drive away from the sinking spot. This only caused the tire to dig deeper into the wet sand below the surface leading the RV to be unmovable. Sand up to the bottom side of the RV, they weren’t going anywhere.

The second motor home at thirty feet long was hauling a trailer with a Kayak and a Seadoo also parked within twenty feet of the water, however instead of slowly sinking, the vehicle without notice on the passenger side dropped into soft spots as it came to a stop.

As neither of the RV’s was going anywhere, a small crowd was attracted to the scene. Eric Onstott Owner and operator of Onstott Construction was on his way from Lake Isabella to a job in Mt. Mesa in his road grader and saw the RV’s on a tilt and decided to attempt to assist them out of their sinking situation.

As Onstott got to the scene, he took a moment to observe the situation and figured the best angle would be to attach from the rear of the 40 foot RV. To do so, he had to move a rock out of the way. While attempting to move the rock he ended up too close to the shore himself and ended up sinking his grader.

After a while of consideration and a phone call for a favor, Onstott had an associate with a bulldozer come and pull him out of his situation. After all the time lost, he had no choice but to move on to his job in Mt. Mesa.

Later around one o’clock, B&D Towing came to rescue the 40 foot RV from their situation. The 30 foot RV was also pulled out by another towing company before the end of the evening. Damage to the vehicles is unknown. The families however are safe.

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