Silver City Ghost Town: On the hunt for the unknown

Photo taken by: Julie Giyer/ Kern Valley Sun
Photo taken by: Julie Giyer/ Kern Valley Sun
Photo taken by: Jake Lee Green/ Kern Valley Sun
Photo taken by: Jake Lee Green/ Kern Valley Sun

By: Julie Giyer
Kern Valley Sun

Everyone loves a good scare. Especially around Halloween, the time of year when it is said that the “veil between the living and the dead” is at its’ thinnest. But it’s also a time of great mystery and even magic, when we may touch something eternal, even as we sense its many guises.

What a better way to get a good scare then by taking a tour of a local legendary haunted spot; the Silver City Ghost Town. With remarkable structures and artifacts, Silver City Ghost Town has captured the soul of the Kern Valleys historic mining camps. While attracting visitors from all over the KRV, it has also caught the eye of another type of visitor; visitors from beyond the grave.

Silver City has been a reported ghost hot spot for decades. Sighting of orbs (a spherical body of light), full bodied apparitions, floating bottles, and opening and closing of doors and windows. It is enough to give the faint of heart goosebumps when entering. It is said that when the buildings were moved onto the property over a quarter of a century ago that the ghosts moved with them. Or could they have already been on the land? Owner Jay Corlew had witnessed many strange occurrences himself during some of their lantern tours they host in the evenings, using some of the latest ghost catching technology.

When you enter the town it’s as if you stepped onto the scene of an old western movie. Images in the mind of gunfights, local drunks stumbling out of the tavern, and covered wagons making their way through town to stop and purchase supplies for their next trip. However, this town is an empty one. Picked from time and dropped on the side of a hill. Many of the buildings are closed up and only a glance into its past is allowed. One building allowed for entrance is the jail. As soon as you enter this building the temperature changes drastically to a nail biting cold. The whole feel of the room is an uncomfortable one.

Taking a trip around the town the many mannequins may catch you off guard as they leer at you from behind doors and windows. Especially at the saloon where many mannequins sit around tables as though they are immersed in a game of poker and drinking. Thus adding that eerie feeling that the room holds more than just memories.

This place is definitely a place to visit for some “good ol’ days” nostalgia. For those interested in more than just the history, the lantern tour at night may be right up your alley.

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