Sietsma, Weeden get ‘bragging rights’

By Ray Conner
Sports Editor

Bragging rights were on the line when 16 bowlers invaded Mt. Mesa Lanes for the first Annual Bragging Rights Bowling Tournament held on Friday, July 6.
The Mt. Mesa Men’s Club and their female counterparts took to the lanes to hopefully claim the top spots. The format for the two-man teams was scratch bowling. The two-women teams used the no-tap format.

Beckie Figueroa and Pat Harker got the bragging rights for the women as they combined to roll a 962 total. B. Figueroa’s series was 549 and P. Harker finished with a 413 series. They were followed closely by the team of Carla Stonebarger and Nicole Gregg who totaled 939. C. Stonebarger rolled a 457 and Gregg had a 482. Coming in third with a respectable 931 was the team of Colleen Conner and Lisa Sietsma. C. Conner’s scores totaled 559, that was the high series for the Women’s Tournament, while L. Sietsma had a 372. Holding up the rest of the women bowlers were the team of Monica Atkinson and Dannelle Gayman. D, Gayman rolled a 374, while M. Atkinson had a 438.

B. Figueroa had the high game on the night as she bowled a 227.

On the men’s side of the lanes, the battle for supremacy was close. Thirty pins total was the separation from first to second place. And, from top to bottom, it was a mere 341 pins separating the four two-man teams.

After the first game, the team of Greg Figueroa and Jim Harker jumped into the lead. They maintained that lead through the second game. In the third game, the team of Jerry Sietsma and Wayne Weeden trailed by 36 pins before storming back to grab the lead and the first bragging rights title.

J. Sietsma and Weeden’s total was 1,326. The team of G. Figueroa and J. Harker was 1,296. The team of Ray Conner and Bill Stonebarger was 1,128, while the team of Jeremy Atkinson and Mark Gayman had the honor of finishing in last place with a 985.

J. Sietsma had the high series as he rolled a 685. G. Figueroa was second with a 672, while Weeden was third with a 641. R. Conner finished with a 640 for fourth place, while J. Harker was fifth at 634. M. Gayman was sixth with a 537, while B. Stonebarger was seventh with a 488. J. Atkinson had the strong shoulders as he held up the rest of the guys with a 448.

Of the 24 games rolled, there were 13 scored of 200 or better. J. Sietsma’s 265 led all bowlers.

There is another tournament in the works for the Mt. Mesa Men’s Club and their mostly better halves. They plan to feature themselves in a Scotch Doubles Tournament in the near future.