SB1 takes effect

Senate Bill 1, a bill that created a fuel and diesel excise tax increase and new vehicle registration fees, is set to take effect today, Nov. 1.
A 12¢ gasoline increase and a 20¢ diesel increase, which will gradually be adjusted for inflation, are taking effect today, while registration fees will be added in the next two months.
An annual Vehicle License Fee between $25 and $175, as well as a vehicle registration fee of $100 for zero-emission vehicles dated 2020 and later, will be added on January 1, 2018, and July 1, 2020, respectively.
The bill is designed to set aside $200 million annually for road maintenance and other transportation projects.
In Kern County, SB 1 funds will be used to accelerate a $5.1 million project to repair and resurface a 1.6 mile segment of State Route 204 in Bakersfield.
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