Save the Fireworks!

By Marsha Smith

President, Kern River Valley Chamber of Commerce

The response from the community has been enormous since the article on the fireworks appeared in the Kern Valley Sun recently. However, for the most part the response was just that, response, and very little funding. Other than Starlite Lounge stepping up to allocate this year’s “Cork & Fork” festival to the fireworks and several businesses that have not been supportive in the past pledging some monetary support, it was not looking totally positive. Then someone suggested we should try a ‘Go Fund Me’ account and the Kernville Chamber joined the effort to canvass Kernville businesses. So now, there is a ‘Go Fund Me’ account set up linked to both Kern River Valley Chamber and Kernville Chamber’s Facebook accounts where you can donate to the fund, making this an entire community “Save the Fireworks” project. Since the account went live on Friday night, $1,975 has been raised, $1,000 coming from Pizza Barn, $500 from an anonymous donor and the balance from community folks. The $20,000 goal is still a long way off, but it can be obtained. It is up to you, the community, whether 2018 was the ‘Final Finale’ or the beginning of a sustainable show year after year. Both chambers are sending out a challenge to all local businesses around the valley to do your part and donate today. Joe Ciriello from Golden State surplus has already met that challenge with a $250 pledge. Businesses and locals can also contact the chamber office to sign up for a yearly pledge at 760-379-5236.

The Kern River Valley Chamber Board of Directors thanks you in advance.