SAR robbed at gunpoint

Over the weekend, two volunteer members of Search and Rescue were robbed at gunpoint while they were responding to a medical distress on the Pacific Coast Trail (PCT).

The incident occurred on Saturday, June 8, in a segment of the PCT between Highway 58 and Kelso Valley Road. The two suspects were described as Hispanic male adults. The suspects were carrying rifles and handguns during the robbery.

The robbery lasted for at least half an hour, according to Steven Williams of the Kern County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO). The two suspects stole three radios from the volunteers during the robbery.
The two rescuers were not harmed during the incident, but they were told by the suspects to leave the area immediately. After the robbery occurred, the Sheriff’s personnel were aided by the Kern County Fire Department in rescuing the injured hiker. They also assisted three others.

The Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) is currently investigating the incident. Initially, KCSO and the United States Forest Service closed the segment of the PCT where this occurred to ensure that it is safe. It has since been reopened to the public.