Rest in Paradise, Mechoso

By Josh Simpkins
Special to the Sun

I am quite saddened to report that veteran character actor Julio Oscar Mechoso, who appeared in numerous television shows, such as Miami Vice and Coach, as well as films including White Squall, The Legend of Zorro, and Little Miss Sunshine passed away on November 25, 2017, from a heart attack. He was 62.

A unique and extraordinary artist, Mechoso’s emotional range as an actor was unequaled. A favorite and friend of filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, the Desperado director cast Mechoso in his films Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Grindhouse: Planet Terror, and Machete Kills, as well as El Rey Network Originals, Matador and From Dusk till Dawn: The Series.

A Miami, Florida native, Mechoso also co-starred in a multitude of television programs ranging from Knotts Landing and Quantum Leap to Greetings from Tucson and Cane. He had guest stints on many television shows including Seinfeld, The Big Bang Theory, and Grey’s Anatomy. His recent credits include stints on Madam Secretary and Life in Pieces.

In addition to Rodriguez-helmed films, Mechoso’s further film credits include Bad Boys, Jurassic Park III, Last Weekend, Lords of Dogtown, and Rules Don’t Apply. According to the Miami Herald, he had been working on several writing projects, including a script about his days as a teenager at the Old Mutiny Hotel.

All happy thoughts and prayers go out to Mechoso’s family and friends, which include Andy Garcia, during this difficult time. Rest in Paradise, Julio Oscar Mechoso.