Repaving Lake Isabella Blvd.

By Ashley Loza
Kern Valley Sun

Recently at an Isabella Dam Task Force meeting, a concern was voiced to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers about the area of Lake Isabella Blvd. next to the new USFS fire station that was covered in gravel and has yet to be repaved.

According to Samuel Winder of USACE, Project Manager of the Isabella Dam Safety Modification Project, “During construction of the Fire Station, Frontier (the telephone company) discovered that they would have to bury their telecommunication lines deeper underneath the road. USACE continued with construction and offered to pave over the current gravel area. Kern County asked us not to pave that section because Frontier will be performing road work in the next few months to bury their lines deeper. Placing gravel as a temporary solution will shorten Frontier’s construction time and, once Frontier has completed their work, they will be repaving that section of the roadway.”

Winder continued, “I understand the temporary inconvenience that portion of the roadway poses, but there is a plan to fully repave that section of Lake Isabella Blvd.”
A date for completion has not yet been given.