Reel Reviews: Christopher Robin

Reel Reviews / Josh Simpkins

In the annals of childhood lore, I would venture to say one of the most iconic and memorable three-word phrases has got to be: “Silly ole bear.” Winnie the Pooh was one of my favorite sets of stories as a child. Eeyore has always been my guy; my Patronus is Eeyore. So, when I heard that there was going to be a live-action Pooh film, I was delighted. Friends and neighbors, I have seen Christopher Robin—starring Ewan McGregor (Beauty and the Beast), Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter), and Bronte Carmichael (Darkest Hour), including the vocal talents of Jim Cummings (Gnome Alone), Brad Garrett (Finding Dory), and Toby Jones (Zoo)—and the nostalgia factor is through the roof on this film.

This new take on a beloved classic follows an adult Christopher Robin (McGregor), who at one time skipped through the Hundred Acre Wood as a boy with his walking and talking stuffed animal pals, now finds himself in London burdened by a suffocating white-collar job that prevents him from spending quality time with his family. Torn between responsibilities to his work and his wife, Evelyn (Atwell), and daughter, Madeline (Carmichael), Christopher decides to skip a family holiday in the country letting down his family’s hopes. Meanwhile, in the Hundred Acre Wood, Winnie the Pooh (Cummings) awakens to see that he has run out of honey and discovers that the Wood has been deserted. Believing Christopher Robin knows what to do, he ventures to London via a magical door to find his best buddy. The trip turns eventful when Pooh suddenly runs into his old friend Christopher Robin in a small garden near Christopher’s home.

Shocked and bewildered Christopher returns to his forgotten childhood past. He returns with Pooh to the Hundred Acre Wood to help search for their lost friends. Christopher soon finds Eeyore (Garrett) and Piglet and eventually discovers that everyone in the Hundred Acre Wood, Tigger (Cummings), Rabbit, Owl (Jones), Kanga, and Roo are hiding in a tree because they think they hear a Heffalump in the area. Christopher decides to pretend to fight off the Heffalump so that his friends can come out of hiding. After a short reunion, his friends help Christopher to remember the importance of spending quality time with the ones that you love. With a renewed sense of purpose in life Christopher Robin goes home to London to save both his career, and most importantly, his bond with his family.

Christopher Robin
is one of those films that hits you right in the feelings. It has everything you have grown up with in the land of the Hundred Acre Wood and more. If you are a fan of Winnie the Pooh this film is a worthy addition to the collection. Give yourself and a child in your life a magical gift and go see Christopher Robin. Now go have some fun at the movies.