Ready, Set, Go: Running wild with Wallace

Photos by Julie Giyer / Kern Valley Sun
Run guides from Alta Sierra Outpost Jim Phillips (Captain), Landon Mee, Josh Medina, Austin Ortiz, and Ryan Baker joined the runners to coach them along ( photo last.) Jack Montgomery and Aspen Hacker were the first two to make it back to Wallace ( photo middle.)

By: Julie Giyer
Kern Valley Sun

On Friday, November 22, 217 students, parents, and teachers at Wallace Elementary set out to run a 10K track starting at Wallace Elementary, winding down Erskine Creek Rd, down Lake Isabella Blvd. and around Tank Park, up across the highway, behind Lake Isabella Motel, back across the highway, back to Lake Isabella Blvd. to Erskine Creek Rd, and back to Wallace Elementary School. A total of 6.2 miles of road, some off road and through a windy dirt trail with rocks. There were several check points along the way with water. The Forest Service, along with the CHP maintained the roads and stop signs to make sure the runners made it safely to their destination. Members of the Alta Sierra Outpost Kern County Fire Crew 79 ran alongside the students to keep them motivated and safe. At the finish line first was sixth grader Jack Montgomery, followed by Aspen Hacker, Zane Carver, and Luke Brown. There were 18 students who made it in under and hour.

6th Grade Girls 6th Grade Boys
Name Time Name Time
1st Eli Jeans 48:48 1st Aeden Quezada 47:14
2nd Ella Mauer 51:29 2nd Jeffrey Clark 8:43
3rd Jayda Bushling 54:20 3rd Aiden Madden 49:30

7th Grade Girls 7th Grade Boys
Name Time Name Time
1st Aspen Hacker 40:48 1st Zane Carver 42:48
2nd Alex Armes 49:19 2nd Alex Ibarra 44:15
3rd Danika D’amico 49:26 3rd Luke Brown 45:32

8th Grade Girls 8th Grade Boys
Name Time Name Time
1st Kayley Sietsma 47:48 1st Jack Montgomery 40:27
2nd Ava Bates 53:11 2nd Zack Wargo 44:13
3rd Kassidy Sietsma 53:22 3rd Colton Carver 47:49

Name Time
1st Mr. Bogart 56:18
2nd Mrs. Long 57:40
3rd Mrs. Acosta 58:09