Promoting kindness at Woodrow Wallace Middle School

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The Lighthouse Team club reached out to teach kindness to students, staff, and the community.

By: Virginia Long
Behavior Specialist/School Counselor

The Lighthouse Team is a student led club at Wallace Middle School. The mission of our club is to do, be, and teach kindness to our school, teachers, staff, students, and community. During the week of January 27 – 31, we joined the Kindness Challenge and created and hosted a variety of activities at our school. Monday, the 27th, students had an opportunity to give someone a compliment and paste it on our big white Kindness Heart. Tuesday was our Bingo Challenge. All students had an opportunity to complete a kindness challenge in the bingo sheet. Wednesday’s activity was “Read Aloud”. Each teacher read a book about kindness and then had a reflection of what kindness means. Thursday’s activity was “Appreciation Day”. Students and staff had an opportunity to write a Kindness Letter. The Lighthouse Team then delivered each letter. Our last activity on Friday was a photo booth. There was a background with a “Kindness Matters” slogan.

The impact of having students and teachers involved in projects of kindness provides everyone with a real sense of perspective and helps them appreciate the good things in life. Kindness is best learned by feeling and example. These activities give everyone an understanding of the power of being kind and the impact it can have we are or are not.