Profile: Katie Davenport

Photo by Julie Giyer / Kern Valley Sun
Katie Davenport, Senior at Kern Valley High School

By: Julie Giyer
Kern Valley Sun

Katie Davenport, a senior at Kern Valley High School, has used her ambition and love for the community to bring back a club to the school that had died out years ago. Davenport was able to attend a Rotary Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA) camp her junior year. She said she learned so much that she wanted to bring what she learned back with her to share with her school. Seeing how the Interact Club functioned at this event gave her the goal of re-starting the club back at the high school. Katie went through many hoops to get the club going, filling out paperwork, finding an advisor, and getting students to join. Davenport went around the school trying to recruit classmates to join, the club needed students to be able to function. “I have even tried to lure students here with food incentives,” Davenport said.

One of the greatest things this club gets to do is raise money for non-profit organizations. Davenport, along with the rest of the Interact Club looks forward to being able to help the community. Since Davenport is busy in her senior year now. She had to step down and let other students run the group. Ernie Anderson, member of the KRV Rotary Club, and local archaeologist said “Katie is all about getting something done. She is the most selfless future leader I have had the privilege of meeting.”

The excitement in Davenport’s eyes as she explained her goals for the club and her future was heartwarming. It is nice to see an adolescent excited to help the community. Davenport plans to attend college after she graduates with hopes of being in a club similar to the Interact Club. She strives to be an engineer and will continue to be a strong influence in her school and the community.