President’s Message
Kern Valley Chamber of Commerce

Happy July 1st, 2020 Kern River Valley residents,

It is difficult to believe we are half way through 2020 and we
are not going to be allowed to enjoy one of the most loved traditions
in the Kern River Valley, our fireworks show over the lake.

With the continue presence of the COVID-19 virus it has
changed the way we live our lives, from going out to eat or the
basic run to the grocery store seems to be a daunting task. I wish I
had the ability to snap my fingers and fast forward twelve months
to see where we stand with this pandemic.

Your Chamber of Commerce is doing everything within its power
to inform, assist our local businesses and residents in addition to
out of town guests as to follow the state mandated guidelines.

Our valley seems to be a weekend gathering spot for many travelers as they attempt to escape the chaos in their portion of the world. With that said, we need to remain resilient with social distancing practices along with good hygiene habits.

We will get through these crazy times but patience is a hard thing to handle when we are being told to restrict our daily activities for the health of everyone.

The Corp of Engineers is requesting the public’s input regarding the future of our visitor center which many individuals have spent the better part of the last five years fighting for.

I am asking you to contact the Chamber of Commerce for a copy of the mail in form or complete the form online at index.html#/6aa208d5b6f247fb9c1aad47032eea10.

Please note it must be submitted or post marked before July 9, 2020 for it to be considered. It is critical for the community to share its input if we are going to see this visitor center come to life.

We are going to hold our first face to face general meeting on July 8, 2020 12:00 at Paradise Cove dining room, we will be practicing all social distancing guidelines at our meeting.

Our lunch will be catered by El Portal, please rsvp with Ms. Jackylyn Wallace before July 6 if you wish to have lunch with us. Brian Baskin from Kern Valley Search and Rescue will be our guest speaker.

Thank you and please stay safe,

Fred Clark
President Kern River Valley Chamber of Commerce