President’s Message: Kern River Valley Chamber of Commerce

By Marsha Smith

Last month I reported that the response from the community in support for the fireworks was enormous. To a point, verbally, it was, but it was limited in financial reality. The month of August brought us $630 in chamber walk-in donations, and $2,250 from the Go-Fund-Me account, but little other interest. We had one large ($1,000) donation from a local Kernville business who felt he could generate a huge amount of donations from other Kernville businesses, and he has been somewhat successful. A challenge by an Isabella business also brought in several thousand dollars. As it stands, the chamber can meet the deposit, but not the entire show, and we are not willing to place the community’s money on a deposit for a show that may not be funded. The chamber is keeping a list of all the donations and if it comes down to a ‘no show’ when the deposit is due in December, the funds will be reimbursed to the donor. There is still time to save the show; it is a community decision. The approximate $12,000 we now have in the bank is a far cry from the over $20,000 required.

The KRV Chamber is still seeking nominations for Business and Organization of the Year. The deadline is September 14, 2018, to submit your nomination. I am sure many of you know a business or organization who has gone above and beyond for our community with volunteer time and dedication to making our community a better place to live, simply because they care about the beautiful place we all live. The business and organization chosen will be honored at the October 10 general meeting luncheon at Paradise Cove. This is a yearly event so if in the next year a business or organization strikes you as exceptional, note it for next year’s award.

The chamber welcomes new members: Keepers of the Kern, SunPower by Quality Home Services and Attorney Tim Lambirth. Come out and welcome them to our chamber. Meeting is on the second Wednesday of each month at noon at Paradise Cove. Admission is free, and catered lunch is $10. This month will be catered by Mark Preston-Sierra Gateway Market. Please RSVP either way, as seating is limited.

This month’s general meeting program will be Cal-Water presenting their upcoming improvements for the valley which of course come with another rate increase. Jon Yasin and their project manager, Kevin McCuster, will be on hand to speak about the projects, rate increases and answer your questions. The general meeting is September 12 at Paradise Cove. Come out and hear what they have to say. Remember, Jon Yasin and Mr. McCuster represent Cal-Water and are their messengers. They don’t make the policies, so be respectful, as always.

Remember to not only use your Chamber but also to support your Chamber. We can accomplish great things in numbers. The Chamber office number is 760-379-5236 for information or to RSVP for the general meeting. Please try to arrive early in order to get your lunch prior to starting time.