Presidential Candidate with Local Roots Visits Valley

Photos by Elizabeth Mendia/ Kern Valley Sun

By Elizabeth Mendia
Kern Valley Sun

Kasey Wells, who describes himself as a “free-thinking, GOD loving, political activist, radical artist & presidential candidate,” visited the Kern River Valley this past week, towing an eleven-foot-tall elephant made of scrap metal behind his red-white-and-blue adorned Ford F150, attracting a lot of attention as it sat along Lake Isabella boulevard.

Wells, who is running for president as an independent write-in candidate, has roots in the Kern River Valley that extend back to some of its earliest residents.

“Mary Buckskin was a survivor of the Whiskey Flat Massacre, and she was my Greatgrandmother’s Grandmother,” said Wells. “Generations went by. Then my Greatgrandmother… Mary Butterbredt met John Scott who was paving roads around Lake Isabella. They fell in love and she moved to Illinois with him… where my family has been ever since,” he said.

“The artwork symbolizes the “elephant in the room” that no professional politician will talk about — the Rockefeller Connection,” says Wells in an open letter published on his campaign website, “The ideas that are central to my campaign are balance, fairness, and equality… Otherwise stated, I want to “save the planet,” end corruption in government, and narrow the gap between the rich and the poor.”

Wells, who has degrees in fine arts, and his elephant left the Kern River Valley on Sunday as they continued their political tour of the United States. To read more about Kasey and his political platform, visit For information about Kasey Well’s the artist, visit: