Political Flags on Sirretta Street Spark Controversy

Photos by Elizabeth Mendia/ Kern Valley Sun

By Elizabeth Mendia
Kern Valley Sun

“Sixty Seven calls to the county code enforcement office were made,” said Sandi Johnstone, in response to her daughter and son-in-law stringing several Trump-supportive flags across Sirretta street in Kernville. The flags sparked many calls to the Johnstone’s residents and several letters, some of which were in support of the display, while others were strongly opposed.

Two of the flags, one of which was suggestive of profanity, have been taken down and moved from the public right-of-way onto the Johnstone’s property. The county came out twice, “the second visit resulting in them moving the signs,” said Sandi Johnstone. “Not everyone was cruel. There were neighbors that spoke to my daughter trying to get an understanding,” she said.

Other flags are visible along Sirretta Street when staff from the Kern Valley Sun visited the street on Saturday, including one with a prominent display of support for candidate Joe Biden.

With just under four months left until the November 3rd general election, visible signs of support for candidates are sure to continue to pop-up across neighborhoods in the Kern River Valley.

Guidance on political displays varies based on location. For example, residents who live in communities governed by Home Owners Associations may have specific guidelines for their HOA. Displays at workplaces are likewise restricted by workplace policies, and political displays at work by certain government employees may be prohibited altogether.

For specific information regarding displays on private property, readers may contact the Kern County Code Compliance office is they have any questions by telephone at (661) 862-8603 or by email at codecompliance@kerncounty.com