Perfect game at Mt. Mesa Lanes

By; Ray Conner
Sports Editor

It was a first for Ray Conner at Mt. Mesa Lanes on Dec. 2.

He would accomplish a lifelong dream in rolling 12 consecutive strikes for the perfect 300 game.

Conner bowled his perfection in the Monday Men’s League. Over the past few years, Conner had come close on numerous occasions, but could never muster the string of strikes needed to create the 300 game.

A couple of weeks ago he threw the front 11 strikes, but came up short when the seven pin decided to be stubborn and stood strong. Conner would finish with a 289 game.

On Monday, Conner opened the night with a 259 game. Then came the second game. Conner started with a strike and he would continue to string his strikes together.

In the eighth frame Conner threw a shot that got away. He was lucky enough to carry it and proclaimed, “That was my lucky strike.” It seems every one who does get a 300 game has one or two shots that carry for strikes, that normally would not.

After throwing the ninth strike, Conner had to wait until his turn again to see if this time the magic would happen.

With shaky legs and a heartbeat that it seemed everyone could hear, Conner stepped to the lane in the 10th frame.

He threw his 10th strike that shattered the pins and the string continued. Waiting for the ball to return the thoughts raced, could this be the day, two more is all you need. Take one at a time. The 11th strike was another no-doubter as the pins flew wiping the lane clear.

It was now do-or-die for Conner as he stepped on the approach. With his whole body doing the nervous twitch he took his ball off the rack and took his position. Four steps later Conner released the ball. At first he knew that it was not a good shot, as he missed his mark by a wide shot. The few seconds that passed before the ball hit the pins, he thought, “Well, once again I came close.”

The ball hit head on the head pin and usually when that happens you leave pins on the alley.

But, this time was a time for destiny for Conner as the rack came down on an empty lane void of any pins. This would be his real “lucky” strike. His first ever 300 game was now in the books and can not be erased.

To say Conner was excited would be an understatement as he received his congratulatory praise from his Sudsuckers teammates, fellow bowlers, and spectators watching the feat.

The adrenaline was still flowing as he went to work the following day. So much so that he posted on Facebook a GIF of a person walking on air and the line, “Not gonna lie. I’m still walking on air this morning after rolling the perfect game last night.”