Parade for Emily Diggles’ 92nd birthday!

Photos by Debbie Teofilo / Kern Valley Sun
Emily Diggles enjoys her cake and a parade.

By Debbie Teofilo
Special to the Sun

Family and friends from across the nation joined together in a drive-by birthday parade to celebrate Emily Diggles’ 92nd birthday on Sunday, July 26, outside The Burlington in Wofford Heights. Festive signs and balloons decorated the cars, and gifts were passed through the fence to a beaming “Birthday Girl.” One of those gifts was a pillow hand-embroidered with this heartfelt poem indicative of the sacrifices families are forced to make while socially distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic:

“We hugged this pillow really tight so you might think of us every night. Sending a big hug your way so we might help brighten your day. So when you are missing us, just hug and hold this near your heart, and you’ll feel our love, and we won’t feel so far apart!”

Emily Diggles is widely known for her successful efforts to beautify downtown Lake Isabella by having sidewalks, curbs, and landscaping added to Lake Isabella Boulevard. Thanks to the generosity of the spirit of her family and many friends, the street and sidewalk area around The Burlington was an especially beautiful place to be this past Sunday, too.