Pancakes with a purpose

Photo by Sabine Mixon / Special to the Sun; Students from the Kern Valley High School Junior class posed for a photo at their Breakfast Fundraiser that was held on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, at the Masonic Lodge in Kernville.

By Grace Harrison
Special to the Sun

This past St. Patrick’s Day residents of the valley received a delightful start to their day with a delicious breakfast. This breakfast was a fundraiser for Kern Valley High School’s Junior class. Pancakes, eggs, ham, hash browns, and biscuits were among the delicacies sold. The breakfast was held at the Masonic Lodge in Kernville and cost only $10. KVHS teacher Sabine Mixon is the Junior Class advisor. She described the breakfast as “a fundraiser to help the Class of 2019 raise funds for the purpose of deferring costs for Grad night.” The breakfast was in collaboration with the valley’s local Order of The Eastern Star chapter. The Eastern Stars are a service group full of women committed towards working together to help their communities through service projects, such as knitting blankets and hats for the valley’s local cancer residents. “The Eastern Star were the amazing community group that sponsored this event, however, many of the Masons got to the building and started cooking and preparing as early as 6:00 a.m.,” said Mixon.

Many students from the Junior class helped with the breakfast by serving food and drinks as well greeting and striking up conversation with those enjoying their breakfast. “I decided to help out because I was excited to meet the Masons and Eastern Stars because they don’t even know any of us and still wanted to help us raise money,” said Kassy Opferman. She enjoyed meeting the ladies of the Eastern Star as well as learning about the numerous community service projects the local chapter participates in. ”They were all super nice, and I’m ecstatic about getting to meet them and learning about what they do,” she added. Like many others, Junior Class President Tanner Tito decided to work at the breakfast to help his class out. His favorite part of the breakfast was serving people coffee. “I am thankful for the Masons and Eastern Stars for helping out our class. I would like to tell them thanks, and that I appreciate what they did for us.”

Alyssa McKillop volunteered at the breakfast because she wanted to help out her class as well as learn about the Masonic Lodge. McKillop added, “My favorite part was the experience of working with my class to earn funds and learning through it.” She, as well as many other juniors, were very thankful that organizations around the valley were helping their class. “I think that the Masonic Lodge and Eastern Star helping out our class was extremely generous and a great honor. I would love to thank them for this opportunity,” she added.

“I wanted to help out at the breakfast because it was a great way to help out my class fundraise for our upcoming senior year. It seemed like a great opportunity while serving our community at the same time,” Kelli Gideon explained. She was excited to see all the runners who had just participated in Kernville Elementary 5k Race arrive at the breakfast. “It was really nice of them to come help us out after they had just ran a whole lot,” she explained. Like others, Gideon greatly enjoyed working with both the Masons and the ladies of the Eastern Star. “I thought them helping us out was great. Their kindness and work ethic really helped us out when they weren’t obligated, and I would like to tell them thank you because it was an incredibly generous thing they did for us. I really appreciate them devoting the first half of their Saturday to help us,” she concluded.

According to Mixon, the Eastern Star donated all the funds made directly to the Junior Class Fund. Mixon explained, “The monetary donation to the class was $1,045, which is one of the biggest fundraisers that we have put together over the past 3 years. However, I think that the best help came from mingling with the Eastern Star and the Masons and learning about their organizations and what they do for the community. These groups are amazing and unsung heroes when it comes to community service. Our junior class members that participated learned so much, and appreciate everything that they saw happening. The Eastern Star has a cancer center that makes quilts, hats, pillows, etc. for cancer victims. Several of the girls are interested in starting a Rainbow Girls organization and the boys were inquiring about the DeMolay organization after learning about the good work that they do.”