Packsaddle Cave Loop Trail

Photo by Paul Armes
Packsaddle Caves that are found along the Packsaddle Trail.

Paul Armes

*5.0 miles out and back (round trip)
*1,708 feet elevation gain

Trailhead parking lot is about 16 mi north of Kernville at Fairview Campground just after McNally’s on the left going up. Trail-head directly across the street.

You start by hiking up a dirt road for a bit then the trail kind of forks, go right and you start heading up the mountainside. Very easy to follow with no big obstacles. After about 1.1 miles you’ll be at the top. There the trailheads E/NE and eventually start to drop into the creek bed. Around 1.5 miles you’ll then take the creek bed up until you come to the Rincon Trail (there’s a sign). At this point, you’ll start to go back towards the river but along the mountainside and going up.

There is only one way to go and that will take you to the mouth of Packsaddle Cave (about 2.5 miles from your car). The cave has numerous rooms and places to explore. Take a flashlight or headlamp, you’ll need it. Be careful as you’re above the trial at the cave so don’t kick rocks or throw em. Once done exploring you go back the exact same way you came. It took my family of 5 about 3 hours to do. Lots of exploring to do.

The trail is exposed so make sure to leave early and bring lots of water. Stop by the burger stand once you’re done!!!