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Thank you Ashley

I would like to thank Ashley Loza and the Kern Valley Sun for publishing last week's article about the State not cleaning up my neighbor's property. Maybe something will finally get done.
I have written letters to seventeen government agencies and only received replies from two of them, and those two pointed fingers at each other, stating it was the other agency's responsibility.
After seven attempts to contact my county supervisor, finally an assistant told me, "Not the county's problem, talk to the state".
The State told me to talk to the County.
There is something that I find disturbing about the article. Every government agency that the KV Sun questioned about this issue gave the same response: "No reply, no comment."
Our government employees seem quite happy to accept their paychecks, but when asked to actually do something, "Oh that isn't my department, go somewhere else. No comment, no reply."
It appears that neither the state nor the county have any intention of doing anything, and yet they threaten to arrest anyone that will tackle the cleanup job.
To add insult to injury, I see that our governor is proposing a 42 percent tax increase on gasoline in order to pay the pensions of these, "No comment, no reply" lackluster workers.
So, my question to state and county officials, is there a single one of you that is willing to stand up, assume some responsibility, and do your job?
Darl Snyder