Operation Christmas Child

Press Release
Irene Martinson

“Absolutely wonderful” was the comment one project leader made about the Shoebox Countdown event last Saturday (I think he was actually referring to the Pumpkin Seed Cakes Cindy Hood made for the event.) Of course, many of our KRV pastors, PLs, and supporters were at Pastor Splawn’s memorial service, including my husband. We will miss Michael tremendously, as well as his support of Operation Christmas Child, the Pregnancy Resource Center, and his own KCC fellowship.

Thank you to all who did attend, and for those who were unable to attend, please let us know your needs: Folding shoeboxes, brochures, certificates for children, stickers, drop-off location, “How to Pack” info, prayer bookmarks for collection week, or any other free promotional materials. We would still like a few more volunteers to sit at tables in front of local stores and hand out shopping lists and shoeboxes on Saturdays: Oct. 21, 28, and Nov. 4, or in Riverside Park at the Kernville Fall Festival on Oct 28 and 29.

We also have the Community Shoebox Packing Party on Nov. 11, Veteran’s Day. Last year, we sent 90 Shoeboxes from all of the community packing parties. Please join us in the Kernville Community Center from 9 a.m. to noon to finish filling shoeboxes prior to collection week, which is November 13-20. Last year, we collected 1,466 Shoeboxes in the KRV from churches, groups, organizations, individuals, and the community. Donations willingly accepted from vendors or anyone in the community. We could always use volunteers for one to four hours at the drop-off location during collection week. Additionally, if you want to take a trip December 8 to the West Coast Regional Shoebox Processing Center in Southern California, contact me as soon as possible to reserve your place. Please call if you have any questions, or if you have a few hours of time to donate to helping children in need worldwide.