Online storytime with Kern County Library

By Daniel Riley
Kern Valley Sun

Have you been wondering what the libraries in the county have been up to while not having physical libraries open? Well, the Kern county library website has been offering an assortment of virtual options for books, audio books and even activities for those losing their hair in this stressful time.

With the great variety of books from different systems that they are offering those books through, the library is hoping to keep the county into reading instead of trying to go out too much to find activities to do. Not only is there many books and audio books, there are live bedtime readings for the little tykes that haven’t heard a new story in some time.

As well as morning story times for those who have to get work done from or at home, the story time can be used to keep your child relaxed in a healthy and educational manner while you get what you need done.

You don’t have kids and need something to do yourself? There is programming for all ages with select entertainment options. There are games to interact with other people.

At the moment they have “Loteria” which is a Spanish version of bingo that can help you learn some nouns and such things in Spanish, if you are interested. Another game that is being played over this system of coming together is Dungeons and Dragons, a game that is inclusive of imagination and great story telling.

A conversation circle is open for those who don’t speak much English and those who would like to help others learn English. This is a great opportunity for people who are not only separated by this quarantine, but by completely separate worlds, from the language barriers to the cultural differences. Take an opportunity now to open your world. Aside from the conversational table there is also opportunity to learn a number of other new languages.

If linguistics isn’t your forte, then why not try a little meditation or some exercise with fun dances or all age friendly yoga? Want to go on an adventure instead? Visit a zoo, an aquarium, or even a national park, the options are limited, but much less limited than just sitting at home with nothing better to do.

Options for learning an assortment of things such as music with a music class or philosophy from a book that is offered on the websites extended systems. Or if you just want to simply check a book out to read.

Overdrive is a system that allows you to check out one book at a time as if you were at an actual library with many big names in the literary world. If you want a larger selection of books from lesser known artists try the extension to Hoopla.

And if you don’t have the time to actually sit down and read but want to hear a story still, you can use the extension to RBDigital. RBDigital is an audio book selection so you can still get those good stories in while doing work around the house.

If any of this is in your list of things you would like to do during the quarantine, visit

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