Nolan “The Champ” knocks out HLH

Photo courtesy Nolan the Champ’s HLH Journey Facebook


Photo courtesy Nolan the Champ’s HLH Journey Facebook

Parents of Nolan “The Champ” got some great news over the weekend!

Moments before Nolan’s mom, Katie Lanza, her sister and a friend were about to run in the annual Spartan Race on Saturday, Dec. 1, she received an email from Stanford that Nolan is 100% donor cells and has adequate functioning immune cells.

“It was such a perfect time to receive that news. We were all overwhelmed with happiness,” said Lanza. “It brought so much more meaning to our team name, ‘Crush It 4 Nolan.’”

Nolan cheered from the stands in his car seat, which has a special protective layer of plastic, along with his dad, Jon Lanza, and his papa, Brian Polston.

This time last year, Nolan was very sick in the hospital and had recently been diagnosed with HLH, a rare and aggressive life-threatening condition that affects the immune system.

“We are so thankful to everyone. It’s been one long, rough year, but it has been amazing to actually see God in so many different ways. Thank you everyone,” said Lanza.

Though they will still have to hold back from most social situations in order to avoid sickness, the restrictions will begin to lessen, bringing Nolan that much closer to being a healthy and “normal” little boy. Way to go Nolan!

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