No Masks?

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There is a photo on the front page of the Bakersfield Californian on 5/7/20 showing many of the 300 supporters who participated in the Free Kern County Rally. I could not help but notice that not a single person in the photo is wearing a mask. I find it very disturbing that so many people put the rest of us at risk of this horrible coronavirus by not taking measures to protect those around them.

Everyone simply must take this pandemic seriously and do everything they can to not only avoid catching it themselves but also avoid spreading it. We are all in the same boat and the sooner we get control on its spread, the sooner we can start living our “new normal”.

Karene R. Williams
Lake Isabella, CA

freedomfighter - May 18, 2020

Maybe you should do a little deeper research than the tell-lie-vision.This plandemic yea where’s the science,where’s the proof.Can anyone say hegelian dialectic.. That mask you where couldnt stop a virus even if you could.And wearing it for prolonged period is harmful to you.But you believe what ya like. Be a good slave for your masters(Government). PEACE OUT FREEDOMFIGHTER

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