Nice Throw

One early morning while working graveyards, my partner and I made a speed stop on the freeway. As we were finishing up, a man swerved in behind us, ran up and said, “A guy just threw a beer bottle at my head from another car.” I asked him if he could identify the suspect. He replied, “Yes, there they are,” as he pointed to a passing yellow Volkswagen (VW).

My partner and I jumped in our patrol car, caught up to the VW and made a traffic stop. The victim followed us and pulled in behind us. He then identified the right, front passenger as the beer throwing culprit. I directed the suspect to exit the vehicle and asked him if he threw the bottle at the victim.

I could smell the odor of alcohol on his breath. He admitted he did throw the bottle at the man. When I asked him why he threw it at him, he replied, “Because I felt like it.

He was staring at us and it pissed me off.” The driver then stepped out of the VW and demanded to know what we were doing with his passenger.

He demanded that we release him. My partner and I could see that the driver was not steady while walking, so we conducted some field sobriety tests.

It turns out, we arrested him for Driving Under the Influence. I guess he could thank his beer pitching buddy for that arrest. – DH