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Remington Hot Springs are enjoyed by locals and visitors from around the world. When volunteers from Friends of Remington Hot Springs teamed up with Stewards of the Sequoia, an important trail improvement project took place. Last week, Forest Service's Bob Frenes and Democrat Crew helped with the improvement project. One hundred and twenty six feet of peeler post railing were installed to block numerous shortcut trails as well as planting over forty native trees to beautify the area. The project was sponsored by L&M Lumber and the Forest Service.

Due to long term efforts by Friends of Remington Hot Springs, the Forest Service recently officially recognized the Hot Spring trail. This bodes well for the future of Remington Hot Spring which the Forest Service had not long ago considered demolishing. Many thanks to Janet Thompson and George Townsend and all the Friends of Remington Hot Springs volunteers for their decades of tireless work to keep the area clean and maintained. They will also water and tend to the newly planted trees.
This is one great example of the community working with the Forest Service to help ensure continued enjoyment of an important recreation opportunity.

Remington Hot Springs will probably not be available for soaking until perhaps July due to flooding by the high Kern River outflows from Lake Isabella Dam in this very wet year.
If you would like to be part of the solution and volunteer to help the Remington Hot Springs or any other trails please send an email to


I went up there hoping to relax after a long week and was really disappointed to see that the river level was too high. Thanks to everyone who has maintained the area though. It's always interesting when you meet these people and hear some of their stories.