News » The school year begins on August 16


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On Wednesday, August 16, Kern River Valley students will be returning to school for the new school year.

With children going back to school, that means there will be more buses and cars on the road during those early morning commutes. There will also be children walking to school which requires even more vigilance on the part of motorists.
There is also the added danger of having more first-time drivers on the road prior to the school day beginning and shortly after it ending.

It is also important to remember that within 1000 feet of a school, motorists should slow down to below 25 miles per hour unless otherwise posted. This enables the motorist to stop in case a child runs out in front of their car.

In school zones, motorists should also follow the instructions of school crossing guards. Motorists should also allow the crossing guard to get safely to the side of the road before driving ahead.
Motorists are also required to slow down if a bus is flashing yellow lights and stop completely if the bus is flashing red lights. Motorists from both directions are required to stop and may be fined up to $1000 and have their driving privileges suspended for up to a year for failure to comply.

It is important to make sure that students in the Kern River Valley are safe as they go back to school, so it is up to you to be vigilant when you are traveling through a school zone.

Editor's Note: There will be increased traffic at South Fork Elementary School this year because first through third graders have been moved back to the Fay Ranch campus. Although it is located along Highway 178, the rules of a school zone still apply. Motorists are asked to slow their vehicle down to 25 mph when traveling through the area during the school day.