News » Safety features to be installed in the canyon


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Safety features will be installed on the canyon section of Highway 178 in the spring and summer of this year.
Starting in the spring of this year, real turnouts that meet California Highway Code requirements will be installed in the Canyon Section of Highway 178, signs giving advanced notice of these turnouts and other safety information will also be installed on the canyon section of Highway 178.
Caltrans staff will be working on creating these real turnouts on both the east and westbound lanes. Traffic must be controlled to keep the workers safe. So installation of the safety improvements will cause short delays, but the wait will be worth it.
Those "turnout" signs that don't relate to real turnouts and give false alerts will be removed. CHP officers will begin the distribution of handouts on safe driving habits to drivers. They cite for infractions or warn about their driving habits.
The Steering Committee of Fellow Travelers on Highway 178 thanks Nicolas Esquivel of Caltrans, and Sergeant Goulding and Officer Bunting of California Highway Patrol for their cooperation, contributions and guidance in fulfilling the mission of Fellow Travelers on the canyon section of Highway 178.