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The lead story on the television news this week has been Anthem Blue Cross' announcement that they will not be offering health insurance plan for 2018 in most of the 19 California regions that they had covered. Kern County is among the 16 regions affected by the withdrawal, and if you have an individual health policy from Anthem Blue Cross, you are among the 153,000 Californians that will need to seek another plan for 2018. The exception to this is the plans that were purchased prior to the Affordable Care Act which were grandfathered and not subject to the withdrawal from California.

This does not affect current plans, which will continue as they have through December 31. Those individuals and families affected will be receiving mail from Anthem Blue Cross and Covered California (if the Exchange was used) soon regarding the change, and our office stands ready and able to assist all Kern Valley residents affected in the transition. The biggest concern will be that of the (participating provider) doctors that are on the Blue Cross plan that may not be available on other Covered California subsidized or non-subsidized individual and family plans (IFP).
This change only affects Covered California and individual plans. People with a plan through an employer, Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Supplements, or Medicare HMO plans are not affected. Only the Covered California and individual plans are of concern.

There is very little information currently available on the transition. The Open Enrollment period begins November 1, 2017 at which time you can schedule an appointment. There are several area insurance agents Certified to assist in helping you with the transition.