New Years Resolutions of a fisherman

By: Noble Smith
Special to the Sun

Every year I am confronted with the same problem; making New Year’s resolutions that last past spring. Exercising and getting into shape, more time working on the house, or saving more money. These usually fizzle out pretty quickly. One resolution that I always make for myself is to fish more.

I have known several fishermen that have fished over two hundred days a year. I have always envied those guys. I have never even come close to that number. During my working days when the kids were young my boat was used more for pulling tubes and skis. It’s been really tough over the years due to all the medical stuff I had to deal with.

Thanks to my fishing partner Roy King, 2020 is going to be different. Ray gave me a Christmas card with a 2020 fishing voucher enclosed. I am definitely fired up for the upcoming season. I fished on New Year’s Day to get the year started off right.

Another big date on the calendar is the Kern River Valley Chamber of Commerce 31st Annual Lake Isabella Fishing Derby. I will definitely be fishing April 4, 5, and 6. The family down south is very excited about this year’s event. The return of the tagged trout and a ten thousand dollar fish are huge motivation factors. Five hundred tagged fish and a raffle to win a tracker fishing boat, wow! Looks like there will be a small crowd at my house this year.

The dates are set for the upcoming A.B.A Bass Tournament season. So I will also be fishing March 28, April 16, May 16, June 13, July 25, and September 12. All in all that is 10 days that I will be committed to fishing in 2020. If I want to reach my 200 day goal I will have to plan another 190 days of fishing. I am going to give it my best shot.

I have to admit I haven’t been in touch with valley fishing lately. It’s tough to get a fishing report when there are very few fisherman hitting the water lately. Christmas is a time to gather around with family and tell fishing stories. One that my family always wants to hear is my shark story.

Two buddies and I were fishing off an oil derrick off the Huntington Beach Shoreline. We were catching a few bass and sheephead and doing pretty good. We then saw a dorsal fin cutting through the water. I immediately cast towards the fin which turns out to be that of a thresher shark. The shark hit my bait, took a short run and broke my line. I just happen to have one medal leader in my tackle box.

As my buddies chummed to keep the shark close, I tied on my metal leader. I casted towards the thresher and was immediately hooked up. After a 20 minute battle we had a nice six foot Thresher shark at the side of the boat. We had to leave it there awhile, it was very mad at us. Now, we were faced with getting the shark home in Norwalk, about a 20 minute drive. It was quite a challenge since my buddy and I drove to the launch ramp in his Volkswagen bug. So we tied the shark to the top of the bug. We then drove home via the 405 and 605 freeways. We were the most popular car on the road that day. The things we do in our early twenties.

I have a couple of gift cards from Bass Pro Shops. During these cold stormy days I will be shopping. Getting ready for the great upcoming season. See you on the water!