New Opportunities: KVHS to offer new agriculture classes

By Grace Harrison
Special to the Sun

Many Kern Valley High School (KVHS) students will have the opportunity to take new classes during the 2018-2019 school year. The KVHS agriculture program is offering two new classes as well as updating their already existing classes. All of these classes will be offered to incoming juniors and seniors. Two of these classes will offer dual enrollment college credit with Bakersfield College (BC). This means that students will receive both high school and college credit upon completion of the two semester class, an exciting endeavor for both KVHS and its students.

The first new class being offered is Agriculture Communications. Emily Keverline, KVHS teacher and FFA advisor, says that in this class, “students will learn how to communicate with purpose,” through oral, written, multimedia, and social media manners. Students will learn about journalism and communications through an agricultural lens. They will make videos that promote their local Future Farmers of America chapter and create social media posts to help spread information about their chapter and the events it holds. Students who take this class will receive dual enrollment credit with BC.

Agricultural Entrepreneurship is the final new agriculture class being offered for KVHS students. Through hands on projects, students will “learn how to run a successful small business,” explained Keverline. This class will take students through every step of creating and running a small business related to agriculture, such as a lawn care business or floral business. This class is especially helpful to those wanting to run their own farms or ranches, a dream many KVHS students have. Students will receive only high school credit for completing this class.

KVHS students will be happy to learn that their beloved Floral Design class will now earn them both college and high school credit. This class is one of few Fine Art electives KVHS offers, a type of class that is required to graduate. In this class, students learn about flowers and create original floral arrangements inspired by nature and artwork. Students who take Floral Design also learn about selling arrangements as they sell seasonal arrangements all throughout the year. This class, as well as Agriculture Communications and Agricultural Entrepreneurship will all be taught by agriculture teachers at KVHS.

Many students eagerly await the arrival of the new classes. KVHS junior, Jeremy Duncan, plans on taking Agricultural Communications. “I really like putting together videos about agricultural, like supporting FFA,” he said when asked why he wanted to take the class. In the future, Duncan wants to put together his own short films and thinks this class will help him do exactly that.

Sophomore Lydon Olivares also plans on taking Agricultural Communications. “I like to involve myself in all the ag classes that I can, and I just feel like it would be a good opportunity to more involve myself and get more knowledge on ag communications and what agriculture can do for people,” she explained. Olivares hopes to go to college and study a major that involves agriculture and feels as if this class would help further prepare herself as well as give her college credit. Incoming juniors and seniors who are interested in taking these classes are encouraged to talk to an agriculture teacher, as well as their assigned counselor at KVHS.

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