Messages from the Whiskey Flats’ Mayoral Candidates

Chester “Chaps” Chapman
Well folks, it was blue skies and fair weather this past weekend out at the ranch, where I had all of the young’uns from the Kern River Valley Junior Rodeo ridin’ and ropin’ like the pros. The grand stands were packed, givin’ way for that famous literary novel “Under the Bleachers” by Seymor Butts to be written on the spot. I’ll tell you what, I been around these parts all my life born and bred right here in the Kern River Valley and you’d be hard pressed to find a better group of young people anywhere. And…. Now that I have established my citizenship have any a you thought of takin’ one of those real scientific high technological so called “Magnifying Glasses” they got and looked real close, as to where my opponent Skyrocket Jami got her first spankin’ by the doctor, HA! Well, it aint from around these parts. Anyhow folks, those kids I’m tryin’ to help out are all that matters. Why folks, them little cowboys and cowgirls were ridin’ bulls and punchin’ fools just like I taught’em! “Rope’em as they run by” is my motto and I aim to pass on all my expertise to them young’uns. But I need your help… folks you gotta raise your heads up outta the bags of Kettle Corn supplied by Brad at the Pizza Barn (thank you Brad) and face the facts!!! We need fundraising to carry on this great American tradition here in our Valley. You’ll have a chance to show your heart felt support for our cause on Saturday January 25 at 5 p.m. for our poker night at the Eagles Lodge in Mountain Mesa. $100 buy in with a $20 bonus chip. A fish and chips dinner will be available for purchase. Folks, the Eagle’s gonna land one way or the other.
Thank you all that can read… and took the time to do so, and remember all the money raised by me and my opponent Skyrocket Jami stays in our Valley for two really great causes. Don’t hold out on me folks, loosen the grip on your billfolds and buy our bribes, attend our events, and lets make this a great Whiskey Flat Days for 2020.
Humbly Yours, Chester “Chaps” Chapman your next “Real Important” Mayor of Whiskey Flat.

Firecracker Shawn & Skyrocket Jami
Every Friday and Saturday Evening you will be sure to see one of us at The Kernville Saloon as that is our Mayoral Head Quarters for hanging out. Karaoke with Dyan is every Friday, come sing the night away with us!
There are events being planned around these dates and we will update as soon as we get them all dialed in. I would like to remind you all that we work full time, have 2 kids in school, 1 grand baby, 5 dogs and 8 puppies at home. And we are making sure that we bust our butts and try to go all over our community raising funds for the Fireworks. So please go to your couch cushion, or in your pocket. Any amount helps us achieve a Family Firework Tradition. Let’s all be the change in moving forward in our community to make things happen!!! We can’t achieve any of this without YOU!