Medicare: Need sick and dissatisfied

I assume this is not what one of the state’s largest insurance companies had in mind when they recently announced that they will suspend medical underwriting for a limited time.

Medical underwriting means medical questions. The only pre-request is that you have a current Medicare plan.

This is where it gets interesting. For people who have a Medicare Supplement plan, there is now an opportunity to increase your benefits if you so desire, or just switch plans to a more affordable monthly premium. I am certain that those people in the 75-and-above age group might find great savings here.

Many people bought plans over the past two years that offered “extra benefits” over and above the traditional Medicare Supplement coverage.

This will be an opportunity to make yourself right. Many of my readers are familiar with a California state law we call the “Birthday Rule.” Well, this is the Birthday Rule on steroids, as it is available to all. No medical questions!

Sylvia enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan several years ago when she turned 65. The plan made a lot of sense to her inexperienced mind. After all, she was in good health, she took care of herself and exercised regularly. Her future looked good. She particularly enjoyed the $0 monthly premium we are blessed to have in Kern County from most of the plans, and her personal doctor was on the plan. The plan had a drug benefit, and the few maintenance medications she was taking were all covered, some with a $0 copay at the pharmacy.

Here it is now several years later, and the picture has turned a bit grey. Her health isn’t too bad, but now she sees two specialists. The specialists are slow in giving her appointments; and when she needs specialized testing, it often takes weeks for a referral from the HMO.

Sylvia called my office and wanted to switch to a Medicare Supplement plan.

With the supplement, she would go back to original Medicare and have access to all the doctors, labs and imaging centers with no out-of-pocket copays, something she never counted on when she signed up for the Medicare Advantage HMO plan. Unfortunately, the Medicare Supplement companies ask medical history questions on their applications, so she was forever stuck in the HMO plan. No “Birthday Rule” applies to Medicare Advantage, and the Annual Enrollment Period (Oct. 15 to Dec. 7) only applies to the Medicare Advantage plans and stand-alone prescription plans.

Until now!

The plan referenced above will take her business. She can use ANY doctor and ANY hospital that accepts Medicare. This exceptional opportunity will not last long. She must jump— no, leap— at the opportunity to get out of her current situation!

As I am expecting to get jammed by readers— as well as their friends and colleagues— who you might reference this article to, I have established an office protocol to accommodate people without long waits. When you call in, state that you need the Platinum Service. The staff member will take down all your information; including Medicare numbers, the medications you are taking and your current coverage. We will then return your call or email you a quote. Simple and efficient. Again… LIMITED TIME!

Call the staff at the Harry P. Thal Insurance Agency, The Medicare GURU, at (760) 376-2100.

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For those who thought they were forever stuck in their Medicare Advantage plan, there is now an opportunity — for a limited time only — to switch to a Medicare Supplement plan with no medical history questions.
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