Mayoral Candidates: Layin’ down the law

Photo courtesy of Erin Rosalind Kramer
Shawn Ward awaits patiently for his meal.
Submitted photo
Chester Chapman poses like an outlaw in a mugshot.
Photo by Jake Lee Green/ Kern Valley Sun
Jamie Ragland-Ward and her grandson.
Photos by Jake Lee Green / Kern Valley Sun
Community members from the KRV dressed in antiquated decorum for this years Whiskey Flats Kick-Off Dinner held at Ewings on Friday, January 3. Neal Preston, owner of Ewings.
Photos by Jake Lee Green / Kern Valley Sun
Susie Seeger dresses to impress.

By: Jake Lee Green
Kern Valley Sun

On Friday, January 3, Ewings Restaurant in Kernville hosted an array of colorful characters who packed into the lovely scene to catch a glimpse of the shenanigans about to precede the Whiskey Flat’s Days. Two mayoral campaigns stood at the attention of the Whiskey Flat’s Kick-Off Dinner.

Jami Ragland-Ward and Shawn Ward, better known by their aliases Skyrocket Jami and Firecracker Shawn, are running as a team raising money through their bribes for the fireworks fund. Chester Chapman, known to the Whiskey Flats authorities as Chaps, arrived with a crew of cowboys to back up his mayoral candidacy which is raising money for the Kern Valley Junior Rodeo. In addition, Chaps invited one bad hombre, Ward the Warden, to perform on behalf of Chaps’ campaign. It can be imagined that Ward the Warden won quite a few votes with the ladies.

Multiple events will continue to be held throughout the month of January leading up to the beginning of the Whiskey Flat’s Days. The Kern Valley Sun encourages folks to refer to our calendar online at or visit the campaign websites on Facebook for Skyrocket Jami and Firecracker Shawn at and Chaps for Mayor 2020 at for more information on bribe sessions and events related to Whiskey Flats.