Making the right call

It never fails. I talk about spring like conditions and we get winter like conditions. It’s like when my neighbor comes over to tell me about the chance of rain while I am washing my truck. I reply, “the reason I am washing my truck today is to guarantee rain tomorrow.” March can be very unpredictable. It started off like an early spring. Nice weather, water temps warming up, fish becoming more active in the pre-spawn mode. Then came the cold fronts to mess everything up. The fish move out to deeper water in a holding pattern. They become less aggressive.

Time to fish slower and deeper. There are so many factors that turn fish on and off. Water temp, water clarity, low pressure, moon phases and storm fronts to name a few. So many times, during a tournament we have made a call as to where the fish may be. We pull into a spot and find ourselves all alone. Some of the other angles have done their homework and are fishing waters that are holding fish. This is the difference in cashing a check or not.

In my case it’s a good thing I had a regular job. Now is a good time to go fishing to relieve stress due to the coronavirus. It’s a great way to achieve social distancing, which I believe its our best weapon to stop the spread of the virus. I have been living with a compromised immune system for two years. I am constantly looking for activities that do not include a large group of people. I spent one day fishing the Upper Kern. I hit three different spots in Section 5. Section 5 is the stretch of the river from the Edison plant to Fairview. The weather was bad and the fishing slow. I had assumed Section 5 had been stocked recently. I know people have been doing really well at Riverside Park, which is Section 4. I guess I made the wrong call.

One positive point, I did not come within several hundred yards of another fisherman. Another day of fishing I spent walking the shoreline around free-air point. Again, it was cold and windy. I braved the conditions for a few hours, no success. It was great to get out and away from the media. Fresh air and exercise, also achieving social distancing. I believe it was a good call to postpone the Lake Isabella Fishing Derby as well as the A.B.A Bass Tournament. Too many people in one place, not worth the risk.

My family just changed the date on the fun calendar to May 9, 10, and 11. They are all still excited. Gives us more time to plan our strategy. The weather should be a little warmer, a big plus for me. Our next A.B.A tournament will be April 18, God willing. Gives me a little more time to get into shape. I am still looking forward to a great fishing season. See you on the water