Local Trivia Grows

By Ray Conner
Sports editor

This week’s rendition of local trivia has grown a little bit.

After a one-man band the last two weeks this week other coaches submitted questions. The sports editor even got in on the deal. We will take last week’s question first and give the answer.

Answer to last week’s baseball question:
The question was, since 1992, six Broncs have collected 50 plus career stolen bases. Who was the first and who was the most recent?

The answer: Justin Rothert (2007) was the first and Damon Sage (March 2020) was the most recent.

This weeks baseball question is about the Broncs as a team:
Only three Kern Valley baseball teams have won 20 or more games in a season.

What were the three years?

The next question comes from the world of Kern Valley wrestling:
Who are the only two Broncs to compete in the state wrestling tournament?

Adding to the mix is one from basketball:

Since 2000, who are the only two boys’ varsity basketball players to score 1,000 career varsity points at Kern Valley?

The list got longer as there is one from track:

Who are the athletes that hold the most school records in track?

Finally from the list of coaches comes one from softball:

Which recent graduate is Kern Valley’s all-time home run leader with 24 home runs?

Added to these is one of the general trivia:

What league did Kern Valley play in before they were in the High Desert League?

Who were the Broncs main rivals?

Finally, the Kern Valley Sun sports editor decided to get in on the local trivia angle. Pouring over the sports pages from past issues this gem was found: Who were the first four athletes from Kern Valley that were named Burger King Athlete of the Week on Sept. 21, 1988?

Hopefully, this will give you something to chew on until more local trivia questions hit the sports pages of the Kern Valley Sun.

Now for this weeks edition of odd sports facts.

Former big-league catcher Harry Chiti was the first player in history to ever be traded for himself. Chiti who originally played for the Cleveland Indians was traded to the New York Mets in 1962 for a “player to be named later,” but after slumping in fifteen games with the New York Mets, Chiti became that “player to be named later” and was shipped back to the Cleveland Indians.

And here is one more:
This one comes from the world of the National Hockey League.
Hockey legend Gordie Howe suffers from cryophobia, the extreme fear of cold and ice.

That has to be a WOW no matter what anyone might think.

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