Local Family Raises Funds for Cancer Patient

Photos submitted by Taylor Duncan
Shia and Sam stand out in the heat selling lemonade to raise money for Alicia.

By Elizabeth Mendia
Kern Valley Sun

Few things in America are as iconic as kids selling lemonade on a beautiful hot summer day, but in Kernville, a mother decided to use the time-worn tradition to teach her children a lesson about charity.

“My daughter came up with the idea,” said Shanna Prodan, “She couldn’t afford to personally donate money, but she wanted to find a way to help a woman in Tehachapi. She’s been following her story and it’s heart-breaking.”

The woman, Alicia Morphis-Sanchez of Tehachapi, has been battling cancer and having difficulty making her chemotherapy co-pays, said Prodan. “If I recall correctly her share of the cost for Chemo is over $1600.00 per month! Terrible.” said Prodan, “I’m so proud of her and my grandsons. They may not have made enough for a month of Chemo, but the value of the lesson they received is priceless…”

Taylor Duncan, whose sons are 7 and 3 said, “with all this negativity and evil in the world, I felt it was a great time to teach my boys something positive and generous.”

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