Letters to the Editor (Pub. June 13, 2018)

Thanks from the Keepers

Dear Editor,

Keepers of the Kern would like to give KUDOS to the Kern County Parks & Rec. crew who care for Riverside Park in Kernville. Also, a very big thank you to Supervisor Mick Gleason for his support in having extra trash cans and trash bins, it makes a huge difference. There has also been a regular presence of the Kern County Rangers on weekends, which helps to reduce the amount of trash being left by visitors.
It is also evident there are many more local folks who are helping during the week and on weekends to insure trash gets put in the bins. It so proves: “One person can make a difference, together we can make it right.” The park thanks you! The river thanks you! Keepers thank you!
It has been so very well cared for, the “Riverside Keepers” are considering retirement!

Barbara Hinkey
Keepers of the Kern, Inc
P.O. Box 655
Kernville, CA 93238



What Gives at the Auxiliary?

Dear Editor,
This past weekend I went to the hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store to make a donation. I was greeted by a woman who failed to have a name badge on. She told us that they would not accept our donation. The clothes were clean but obviously not folded and put into the bags to her liking. She said that they had more than enough clothes and told us to take them home or to the dump.
The people of the valley try to do their best to support the auxiliary and the hospital by giving freely the donations. I do not understand this as I know the hospital will be trying again for a bond to do the required renovations. What gives? In the past we were usually greeted with a smile and a happy attitude, but this weekend crew I just do not understand.

Dale J. Hartl
Lake Isabella



Support for McNally’s

I want to let the folks in the Kern River Valley know how much your support has meant to Becky and me.
The phone calls, the hugs, the way you have shown your love and support has meant everything to us.
That you all would be here for us after 12 years has really humbled us. God has blessed us with all of you.
With God’s help and all of you, we hope that we can take care of McNally’s as you would have us do.
We love and thank all of you.

John and Becky Saltzgaver

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